Problem gambling services

Problem gambling helpline services

Approximately 4 percent of adults display symptoms of problem gambling at any given time. Young adults are affected at a rate of two to three times higher. Problem gambling affects each generation differently. Our variety of flexible helpline services is available 24/7 for problem gamblers, their family members and concerned others. We can connect by phone, text message and live chat. Callers connect with a counselor who understands the impact of problem gambling. Features include:

  • Expert clinical intervention
  • Crisis management
  • Referrals
  • Quality assurance
  • Statistical reporting

Call to Change program

Call to Change is an innovative case management and relapse prevention support program. It is designed to provide phone coaching for problem gamblers and their families who may not have access to local counselors and it provides an alternative for individuals not comfortable with face-to-face assistance.

  • 80 percent of participants reported meeting their change goal at the end of the Call to Change program.

Motivational text messaging

We offer a subscription, motivational text messaging service for problem gamblers. Targeted messages provide information about gambling and problem gambling, encouragement to changes, as well as tips on how to make sustainable changes. Since its inception in 2013, more than 1,300 individuals participated and 96 percent completed the messaging service.

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