Ariel platform

ArielTM admin platform

Morneau Shepell delivers technology you can trust, designed and deployed to optimize your health and benefits program. We are proven technology leaders in the HR industry for online benefits administration and decision-support tools, leveraging the rich, innovative capabilities of our Ariel™ platform.

Ariel – the future of benefits administration today

Ariel is an innovative benefits management, eligibility, enrollment, and billing platform. It provides full back-office functionality, including premium and cost calculations, online enrollment, a manager portal, automated carrier feed, reporting, participant letter generation and management, and payroll deduction calculation and reporting -- among other strategic capabilities.

As a highly configurable, web-based benefits administration platform, Ariel is designed to efficiently implement and execute client-specific provisions and processes without the need for costly customization.  The platform delivers an effective-dated, event-driven solution that enables the easy management of retroactive and prospective employment and plan changes.

As a leading North American administrator of Health & Welfare plans, Morneau Shepell is arguably the largest administrator of “flex credit” based benefit plans. We actively encourage our U.S. clients to use Ariel to deliver their own credit-based defined contributions plans.

Supporting multiple stakeholders

Although a single web-based application, Ariel offers multiple “views” that target three primary audiences or stakeholders in your Benefit programs:

  • The Plan Member view engages members in their health, helps them discover the value in their benefit programs, and serves as a portal to other benefit programs (if desired).
  • The HR Manager view exposes multiple back office tools to empower managers to report on their employee populations or assist a plan member seeking help. Tools may include member look-ups, coverage history, event history, and more.
  • The Administrator view is designed for efficiency of the CSR or administrators seeking immediate access to all aspects of the member’s enrollment, eligibility or billing information.

Ariel 360

Our platform is built to easily incorporate Ariel 360, an innovative and flexible proprietary case management application that

  • provides access to a wide range of reports for call quality monitoring and service level reporting based on agreed-upon SLAs.
  • monitors performance and tracks contact with plan members and the plan sponsor’s HR staff.
  • enables you to keep a complete record of all interactions involving plan participants, and all transactions processed.
  • includes an automatic follow-up system for outstanding tasks or questions that have not been resolved.

Single database solution

Ariel is a single application running on a single database supporting administration, eligibility, calculations, EDI, reporting, HR manages self-service, employee self-service, and billing / COBRA administration. All transactions are real-time with rules consistently applied.

Powerful data analytics

Ariel supports the increasing need of our clients for advanced analytics in configurations ranging from full outsourcing to co-sourced models or Software-as-a-Service. Our platform provides access to advanced web-based business intelligence (BI) tools for real-time access to program data, relying on enhanced dashboards and other reporting apps.

User experience

Ariel provides a best-practices user experiences by leveraging the latest HTML and JavaScript technologies. Our administrator portal provides productive access to call center tools (available to our co-sourced clients) and workflow management. Our executive dashboards on the plan sponsor interface provide a holistic view of program and service metrics to help clients manage service and make decisions related to employee programs.


  • Integration – Ariel can be easily integrated with other systems, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) packages, legacy mainframe systems, and existing payroll programs. The software supports SQL servers.
  • Scalability – Ariel technology manages the load balancing for the presentation and application servers to ensure optimum throughput. Our system is scalable and has an unlimited capacity to grow.
  • Cost – Ariel significantly reduces the need for expensive and time-consuming customization because everything is rule-driven rather than hard-coded. Our software can easily adapt to your plan provisions at implementation and going forward.