Morneau Shepell’s HRAs incorporate three key elements:

  • online questionnaires,
  • a health risk calculation or score, and
  • recommendations for health interventions via a personal online report.

HRA overall health measures

20/20 Health Insights, our new HRA, measures four key contributors to an individual’s overall health:

  • Physical (biometrics, nutrition, sleep, and more)
  • Mental (stress, anxiety, and more)
  • Financial (cash flow, investing, and more)
  • Workplace productivity and resilience (work-life, satisfaction, and more)

Benefits of using 20/20 Health Insights HRA

20/20 Health Insights is designed to:

  • identify health risks within the employee population,
  • encourage at-risk employees to take action to improve their total health, and
  • provide solutions to help employees manage their risk over time.

Formal assessment and results empower your organization to focus your wellness strategy, initiatives and support options.

Features of 20/20 Health Insights HRA

  • Modular purchase and implementation of assessment pillars
  • Robust reporting for the individual and organization (aggregated) showing overall health score and risk
  • Direction to the most beneficial interventions based on risk levels including existing organizational programs such as the Employee Assistance Program
  • Turnkey program implementation and ongoing program management support
  • Integration opportunities with existing wellness components and  strategies

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