Best-in-class ACA compliance through Morneau Shepell and Health E(fx)®.

Morneau Shepell partners with Health E(fx) to provide leading cloud-based compliance management solutions within the Affordable Care Act (ACA) landscape.

For HR departments, Health E(fx) automates all complex tracking, data audit, analysis and compliance reporting required by the ACA, providing you with clarity, compliance, and control through superior analytics tools.

As an added bonus, the system easily integrates with your HRIS, payroll, and benefits systems—whether internal or external, regardless of platform or versions.

Put simply, our solution turns the complexities and uncertainties of ACA eligibility, affordability, risks, and workforce management decisions into efficient and actionable data. 

Here’s why it’s ideal for your organization:

  1. Forecasting and analytics features clarifies your ACA options and cost implications.
  2. Automation of all complex data, tracking, reporting, and communications without impacting your HR systems or without increasing staff. For example, our solution automatically generates all reports required by IRS and Treasury Department guidelines.
  3. Workforce and benefits modelling, forecasting, risk assessment, and ongoing management, making your health benefits management seamless, efficient, and compliant. For example, historical data and reporting is available for compliance needs, audit purposes or a penalty determination defense. And you own the data!
  4. Maintain continuous compliance while controlling secure data and system access. Built on a HIPAA-compliant secure architecture, Health E(fx) updates ACA regulatory changes as they are introduced—both federally and state by state.

Designed for The Busy HR and Benefits professional

With Health E(fx), you can:

  • Stay up-to-date with changing ACA compliance requirements.
  • Analyze unlimited options and strategies.
  • Track all complex variable-hour employee data.
  • Forecast and manage decision costs, compliance, and workforce impacts.
  • Automate processes—from disparate data and workforce strategies, to compliance management, alerting, government reporting, and employee communications.
  • Integrate with your HR system environment quickly and seamlessly.
  • Efficiently manage employee notification processes to meet ACA requirements.

Fast, accurate modelling

How will different decisions impact your organization’s bottom line? You decide the strategic priorities, and Health E(fx) shows you the financial and compliance implications. The solution enables you to:

  • See and compare options instantly.
  • Aggregate and automate disparate data required by the ACA—without impact to existing systems.
  • Model employer-sponsored group insurance against public and private exchange/defined contribution options.
  • Know how strategic decisions impact financial and compliance outcomes.
  • View everything in one place, all at-a-glance.
  • No more spreadsheets!