Abiliti Absence

In the US the evolving regulatory environment of leave and disability (e.g. Family Medical Leave Act [FMLA], Paid Family Leaves) can make managing planned and unplanned absences complicated and time-consuming for your people.  Many employers today either do not manage or still manage using outdated software support systems that provide incomplete and lagging attendance data. This makes it nearly impossible to get a true, actionable picture of employee absences and decreases the likelihood that your lost productivity is being accurately tracked and workforce needs are being met.

AbilitiAbsence is a true Day 1 solution that gives people leaders instant access to real-time absence information.  When employees are absent, for whatever reason, including paid time off (PTO), vacation and sick time, you can be informed in real-time, and your workforce needs can be met. The solution includes reporting via:

  • Mobile App
  • Online Web Access
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • 24/7 Call Centre Support

Automated workflows allow for notification to all stakeholders that greatly reduces time to administer programs. Streamlined and standardized reporting available via our easy-to-use dashboard results in data and information supporting more meaningful insights that can guide program strategies and evaluation.

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