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Workplace Support Programs

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Morneau Shepell’s Workplace Support Programs are specialized mental health and addiction prevention/intervention programs designed to reduce costs for organizations with faster diagnosis and sustainable recovery.

Preventing workplace performance issues, absence, and disability

Our Workplace Support Programs provide clinical interventions that proactively address mental health issues requiring longer-term, specialized, or intensive levels of care – more than what is typically available through an employee and family assistance program (EFAP). The programs can prevent workplace performance issues, absence, and disability.

Depression CareTM

Help your people develop skills to manage and recover from depression – protecting their mental health and helping your business thrive.

Trauma AssistTM

Help your people receive care and develop skills to reduce post trauma stress symptoms – keeping them safe, healthy, and at work.

Substance Abuse Program

Through specialized assessment service and reporting, employees receive help quickly for their substance abuse/addiction issues and employers mitigate risk. 

Structured Relapse Prevention Program

Support and monitor recovering employees with workplace reintegration, ongoing relapse prevention support, and successes and challenges in sustaining abstinence.

Workplace Referral Program

Monitored or mandated referrals are a valuable tool in an employee’s performance management plan.


Reduce the time and cost of disability claims by assessing for mental health issues at the earliest point of a claim, sometimes even before the short-term threshold has been reached.

Discover more about how our Workplace Support Programs can improve the mental health of your people for better business results