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Workplace Referral Program

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Personal and emotional problems faced by employees can lead to future disability claims and are often the root of current disability cases.

Workplace Referral Program provides employers with a method of referring an employee experiencing work performance issues for professional assessment and counselling. Through more intensive and specialized intervention than Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counselling, the program focuses on resolving an employee’s performance issue.

Referrals can be monitored or mandated, and are a valuable tool in an employee’s performance management plan.

Resources to learn more about our Workplace Referral Program

Service Overview

Learn more about workplace identifiers that often lead to an employee referral, how it works, including assessment and treatment plan, and case closure.

Case Study

Discover Brock’s referral experience and positive outcomes.

Discover more about how our Workplace Support Programs can improve the mental health of your people for better business results