Next-generation HRA: Total Health Index (THI) Assessment

The THI Assessment survey is the industry’s most robust employee health risk assessment combined with employee engagement and a productivity metrics survey for the global workforce. Data across four dimensions creates one comprehensive and powerful picture of total health for the employee and your organization:

  • Physical: biometrics, nutrition, physical activity and more
  • Mental: stress, anxiety, coping skills and more
  • Work: engagement, productivity and resilience
  • Life: financial security, relationships and work-life blending

The assessment is much more than just a compilation of current and historical employee health information. It’s a robust, comprehensive view of employee well-being that covers four critical dimensions of well-being.

Improve employee health and workplace results

By completing their THI, your employees know their Total Health scores and then what they can do to improve total well-being. These insights include direct, actionable steps, and encouragement so employees are motivated to actively participate in achieving better well-being.

From an organizational perspective, employers gain a birds-eye view of what’s needed and can then seamlessly direct employees to specific solutions within your support services network. It is also a global solution that covers employees wherever they’re located. The result is a healthier workforce with reduced healthcare-related costs, fewer absences, and better productivity.

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