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Family & Children

Supporting family members takes on added urgency during a pandemic. From helping children cope to protecting older adults, help for your loved ones is here.

Making education decisions for your kids

Many parents are facing difficult questions

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How you can help your kids learn this summer

This summer presents a unique challenge to parents

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Helping your kids adjust to going back to school

Planning ahead can help your child make the adjustments

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Talking to your kids about life after the pandemic

It’s important to talk to your children about how what to expect as they re-enter the world outside of your home

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Managing family dynamics

While old routines may be disrupted, it’s an opportunity to build new experiences

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Protecting older adults

You may need to act promptly to help your loved ones minimize the potential risks

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Talking to your children

Your child may also be feeling anxious about what is happening

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Staying Safe

Trying to stay healthy amidst the pandemic can feel stressful and overwhelming. These materials are helpful to keep in mind for everyone, including essential workers and those for whom a home environment is not safe.

Tips for essential workers

Your mental health is more important now than ever

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General tips for protection

Learn how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19

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Physical distancing

Physical distancing. Self-isolation. Self-quarantine. What are they?

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Managing fear of physical community infection

These are things you can do help manage your fears as post-pandemic life begins

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Domestic violence

The pressures of sheltering at home do not excuse an abuser’s behaviour

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Impact on Work

Whether you are trying to manage teams remotely, or get work done from an improvised home office, or planning an office return, COVID-19 has brought consistent challenges. Here are resources to help.

Remote working technology

Here are our best tips to connect when you work from home

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Working from home challenges

It is easy to feel lost or frustrated without a clear structure for your day

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Managing children during work hours

One added challenge you may be facing as a parent during the closure of your child’s school

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Recognizing stress in yourself and those you manage

How pressure and stress affect employees and managers

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Managing a return to the office

Your team will look to you for leadership during this time of transition

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Supporting employees experiencing abuse

Steps you can take to help a team member

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De-escalating anger in the workplace

Learn to safely manage difficult and uncomfortable situations

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Boosting team morale

Learn great ways to boost team morale when remote working

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Managing a team during COVID-19

As a people leader, you have an important role to play

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Distancing, isolation and quarantines take a clear toll on our mental health and wellbeing, both for ourselves and those around us. Morneau Shepell is a trusted expert in managing anxiety and depression, coping with loneliness, and building greater resilience even as stress mounts.

Maintaining the habits and connections you formed

Here are a few things you might want to integrate into post-lockdown life

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How to be active at home

You do not need to leave the house to stay fit

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Coping with mental health issues

People will react in different ways

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Coping with loss and grief at work

Here are some ways to cope

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Coping after lockdown

How do you manage when everyone around you starts to return to a more normal life?

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Coping with loneliness

If you are self-isolating, you are not alone

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Tips for coping

Being concerned and empathetic about this outbreak is normal

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Supporting health care workers

Be caring, be compassionate and be tolerant

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Helping your community

What more you can do to help make a difference in your community

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Managing expectations about “the new normal”

As life begins to “return to normal,” certain things will undoubtedly look different

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Managing concerns and anxieties

Best practices on how to communicate and manage employee concerns

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Keeping steady in uncertain times

Your Capital Accumulation Plan and the COVID-19

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Building resilience with self-care

Here are seven ways to take care of yourself to help build your resilience

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Importance of self-care

Taking care of oneself is needed to build resilience and tend to all the other things in our lives

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Complimentary Webinars

Visit our library of recorded webinars related to COVID-19 issues, including information on working remotely, talking to your children, and emotional wellbeing.

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Facebook sessions

All previous recorded Wellbeing Wednesday sessions will continue to live on the LifeWorks Facebook page and our LifeWorks YouTube channel