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Targeted Health Programs

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Morneau Shepell’s Targeted Health Programs are designed to support employees going through significant life changes, and those needing longer-term mental health support than is typically available through an employee and family assistance program.

Proactive and responsive

Our Echo Proactive Employee Support and Workplace Support Programs (Echo) help employees during challenging times so that they can continue performing at optimum levels. Morneau Shepell is Canada’s largest employee and family assistance program provider with 30 years of experience.  

Proactive employee support 

The Echo Proactive Employee Support Program is unique: It proactively offers useful, expert advice to support employees through the challenges at different life stages (i.e., starting a job, having a baby, and/or turning 50) as they happen, with information and resource kits delivered directly to employees. 

Echo is a great addition to your existing employee and family assistance program and is also available as a stand-alone support program.

Responsive mental health support

Our Workplace Support Program is comprised of clinical interventions to address mental health issues requiring longer-term, specialized, or intensive levels of care. Delivered through specific referral processes, this approach can prevent workplace performance problems, absence, and disability.

Workplace Support includes:

  • NEW Trauma Assist is a longer-term and specialized program that helps individuals cope with traumatic stress and build resilience in their lives. The program provides a much-needed confidential solution for mild to moderate symptoms of traumatic stress. Trauma Assist is focused on early intervention to help mitigate future disability claims.

  • The Workplace Referral Program is either a mandated or monitored employee referral for support with any issue impacting behaviour in the workplace (i.e., long-term mental health and addiction issues).

  • WorkAssist™  is a longer-term approach to addressing depression, anxiety, or addictions issues that may lead to future disability or may be at the root of a current disability case. It is used primarily as a tool to get those employees who are already on disability return to work.

  • Depression Care™ is a longer-term approach to addressing depression and anxiety. Depression Care uses self-referral by employees through the EFAP.

  • The Substance Abuse Program follows US Substance Abuse Professional (SAP-DOT) program requirements but is conducted by our addiction specialists, making the program more accessible and affordable.

  • The Structured Relapse Prevention Program is a long-term follow-up to prevent relapse and disability for those who have completed an addictions program.

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