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Abiliti™: Absence and Disability Management Software

Many employers work with outdated absence reporting systems that provide incomplete, lagging information that makes it impossible to get an accurate, actionable perspective on workforce absence.

They’re also vulnerable to workplace incidents, short-term disability, and workers’ compensation, where process and resources have an enormous impact on employee support, leave durations, administrative costs, legal risks, and more.

Abiliti™ Absence and Disability Management Software Suite ingrains best practices into every area of workforce absence management. It’s the backbone of our award-winning outsourced and co-sourced Absence and Disability Management Solutions. And more importantly it enables integrative, strategic approaches to absence and disability management. 

Absence Reporting (Abiliti™Absence)

Incident Reporting (Abiliti™Alert)

Case Management (Abiliti™Manage)

Integrated data. Real-time reporting and trends

Abiliti™ provides a comprehensive perspective on attendance across the organization, combining casual absences, incidents, and long-term leaves.

It also enables proactive case management and early intervention when needed.

Automated, structured workflows

Based on proven best practices, Abiliti™’s task-driven workflows simplify process, reduce administration time, and decreasing the risk of errors, oversights or omissions.   

Optimized, intuitive user experience

A seamlessly integrated, multi-channel platform optimized for all stakeholders: employees, people leaders, case managers, plan-level sponsors, and medical and HR teams.      

Detailed case-level views

Integrated, up-to-the minute information for case managers and people leaders when they need it most. Abiliti™ enables complete file history at a glance.

Helpful resources

Standard and customized documentation, giving users quick access to current, reliable information. Resources include Presley Reed, ICD 9/10, and Canadian medication and physician databases.

How to purchase

All Abiliti™ software modules (Abiliti™Absence, Abiliti™Alert and Abiliti™Manage) are available on their own or as part of an integrated Absence Management Solution - the only one of its kind in North American.

Abiliti™ modules are also available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) products, providing best-in-class support to organizations managing absence, disability and workers’ compensation in-house 

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