For many organizations in Quebec, joining a safety group is an excellent way to comply with laws, regulations and provide a safe work environment, all while enjoying appreciable savings.

Morneau Shepell safety group can save you up to 60% of your CNESST contributions. Here’s why.

A safety group is group of employers who agree to optimize safety, the return-to-work process and the rehabilitation of workers injured on the job.  In exchange they receive a significant reduction in their CNESST contribution rate.

Choose the service dimension that fits your situation

Thousands of employers belong to Morneau Shepell safety groups, but no two are the same.
That’s why we’ve developed an innovative approach that is tailored to meet your needs and goals. Whatever your line of business, whatever the size of your organization, Morneau Shepell has a solution for you.

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Why Morneau Shepell?

Trust: no less than 40% of the organizations belonging to a safety group in Quebec now rely on Morneau Shepell.

Price: our safety groups bring together more than 10,000 Quebec organizations. This volume of business means we can offer attractive rates, which is an extra benefit for our clients.

Choice: as a Quebec and Canadian leader in occupational health and safety, we have developed unique and distinctive products that let you choose a service that fits your situation.

Expertise: our consultants are experienced specialists who will help you fulfill your legal and regulatory OHS obligations.

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