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We’re here to help you through issues related to the pandemic. COVID-19 has not disrupted our services, and we are accessible remotely from any location.

Insights and trends

Whitepaper: The impact of the pandemic on benefits strategy

Morneau Shepell brought together a group of Chief Human Resource Officer from various industries to discuss the potential implications of the 2020 disruptions. The discussion looked at the emerging trends and issues of significance to business, and the implications for an organization’s people and benefits strategy.

Virtual roundtable

Access discussions with Morneau Shepell experts and guests on how organizations can weather challenges posed by COVID-19.

Asia experience and returning to work in a world with COVID-19

Learn how the pandemic has impacted the workplace and way of life in China and what organizations did to support their workforce and what they would have done differently.

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Custom resources to support employees through COVID-19

We’ve adapted our services to guide organizations through challenges of the pandemic.


Access personalized recommendations to navigate financial concerns that arise from COVID-19.

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First Access

Immediate, confidential support for employees at any organization during times of personal challenge (no Employee and Family Assistance Program necessary).

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Digital Mental Health Support

Web-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy program specifically tailored to help employees with anxiety and other pandemic-related distress.

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MyFuture Benefits Marketplace

Benefits marketplace for employees, over 50 years of age, who are losing their group benefits due to COVID-19 related downsizing and are looking for health and insurance plans.

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Train Your Teams

From building employee resilience to managing remote teams, our webinars offer practical strategies to address topical issues related to COVID-19. 

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Other Resources

Discussion: Employee Mental Health

Our webcast discusses how employers can best support their workers in this sensitive area.