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Pension Sustainability and Design

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Morneau Shepell has almost 50 years of experience in providing comprehensive support to retirement plan sponsors and pension committees across the country. Our consultants use their skills and experience to listen and work with you to identify a retirement strategy that optimizes plan value for employers and employees, incorporating plan design and appropriate funding policies.

Innovative approach

As an example of innovation, Morneau Shepell acted as a technical advisor to the Province of New Brunswick in the development of its Shared Risk Pension Plan model which provides employer groups with a pension model at an acceptable risk level and allows employees to maintain a defined benefit arrangement. At the same time, we’re also working with our clients to determine how target benefit plans and other approaches could improve the sustainability of their defined benefit pension plans.

Our Pension Design Services

Morneau Shepell’s end-to-end strength in pension plan design, administration, and communication enables us to take a holistic view of issues and solutions. We link all three elements to produce stronger results. We partner with you, listening to your needs, to develop a plan design that meets the needs of all parties, whether that’s a defined benefit, defined contribution, hybrid, or target benefit pension plan.

We identify and measure tangible metrics for your pension plan strategy because we’re committed to your success. These measures include:

  • hard and soft dollar cost savings;
  • improved efficiency through plan design and administration;
  • risk management, from both a reputational and governance perspective; and
  • employee engagement, as evidenced by improved retention.

We provide core annual services required to run a compliant and well-governed pension plan. This ensures that trustees discharge their duties appropriately and, most importantly, with the necessary plan governance requirements. We will keep you up to date on any regulatory and legislative changes; you benefit from the expertise of our entire organization.

We provide services to hundreds of sponsors and committees in both the public and private sectors including:

  • plan design
  • cost reduction strategies
  • strategic planning
  • executive retirement arrangements
  • plan documentation and governance
  • restructuring (downsizing, mergers, and acquisitions)
  • plan conversion
  • search for service provider
  • training for plan sponsors, pension committee members, and employees

Pension plan partners

Partnering with Morneau Shepell enables you to access the expertise of our entire organization to develop innovative solutions to manage plan costs and risks, and build employee engagement by communicating the plan in a concise and clear manner in support of attracting and retaining experienced employees.

We’re ready to work with you to design or redesign the retirement program that best meets your business objectives and the needs of your employees.   

Contact us

We’ll listen, and discuss how partnering with us will help you address your pension challenges.

Idan Shlesinger:  416.385.2116 or (Ontario/ West)

Yves Plourde: 902.474.3276 or (Quebec & Atlantic Canada)