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Operational Effectiveness

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It can be challenging for organizations to have the breadth and depth of expertise in-house needed to effectively and efficiently handle HR programs, pension and benefits administration, and communications, as well as keep up to date on legislative changes, trends, and technology.


HR is Our Business

At Morneau Shepell, we have the proven expertise and the tools to successfully assess, plan, and implement your health, retirement, and workforce management programs for improved operational effectiveness. Our consultants work with our administrative and technology experts as one team to ensure that all transactions are handled easily and accurately, in full compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements. The following examples demonstrate how we can you can save time and improve efficiency when it comes to your HR programs.


Morneau Shepell has the tools, training programs, and consultants to provide you with a customized wellness program. Our targeted plans get results for you and your employees.

Workplace Learning

We listen to your individual needs and goals in order to recommend and implement the most appropriate workplace learning solutions for your workforce, along with the best-matched facilitators, coaches, and mediators. We lead the way on learning with Canada’s first university-certified Mental Health Workplace Training Program, a collaborative effort of Morneau Shepell, Bell, and Queen’s University.

Pension and Benefit Administration

We can provide software as a service (SaaS), co-sourcing, or full outsourcing to administer your benefits and pension programs. Our best-in-class benefits administration software allows you to spend less time and money on administration with no expensive customization, large upfront costs, or investment in infrastructure required.

Employee Self-Service

Morneau Shepell’s Integrated Portal platform is a one-stop shop providing access to tools, support education, and delivery, through a convenient dashboard. Our EFAP services are available in various formats to provide optimal accessibility so employees can get the help they need when and how they need it. And our Workplace Learning is delivered in a number of ways, allowing employees to choose how they receive information and training.

Employee Support

With four contact centres for pension and benefits (and three for EFAP), as well as support in 154 languages, our Customer Service Representatives respond quickly and efficiently to members’ questions about passwords, plans, and processes, both at an organizational and a personal level. That means fewer calls to your staff.


Our experienced consultants craft and execute strategies to effectively communicate all aspects of your HR programs. Employees understand their plans, alleviating confusion and frustration, and reducing calls and emails to HR.

Legislation, Compliance, and Governance Expertise

Morneau Shepell’s team of experts keeps current on pension, benefits and other human resources legislation so you don’t have to. You can rely on us to help you avoid non-compliance and other risks. 

Measures and Reports

Our consultants and analysts provide you with the reports you need, when you need them, helping you to monitor and track success.

Case Studies


Partner with Morneau Shepell’s multi-disciplinary team of experts to improve your organization’s operational effectiveness.