Employee Recommended Workplace Awards 2019 winners

Employee Recommended Workplace Awards: Advancing workplace health and productivity

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We are strongly committed to improving the health and productivity of workplaces in the communities where we operate. One example of this commitment is the Employee Recommended Workplace Awards that we launched in 2016 in conjunction with The Globe and Mail, Canada’s biggest national newspaper. The Awards program builds awareness of best practices in employee wellbeing, engaging employees and providing organizations with a way to benchmark their performance. They stand apart from other top employer/workplace awards as the only award of its kind to have winners determined by the organization’s own employees. Employees are asked to complete a short confidential survey, from which they receive a personal assessment identifying potential areas for improvement across all elements of total wellbeing – physical, mental, work and life. Participating organizations also receive a summary report on the health of their workforce, identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. The awards recognize those organizations for excellence in achieving a healthy, engaged and productive workforce.

Organizations recognized by the Employee Recommended Workplace Award program
Participation sends a message to employees that their employer is dedicated to helping improve their health and looking to better understand the issues facing their employees. “The Employee Recommended Workplace Award recipients are excellent examples of industry-leading organizations that recognize the importance of employee wellbeing in achieving the best business results. They have placed a priority on their people and built strong workplace cultures and programs that support the physical, mental, work and life health of their employees. In return, their people have recognized them as being the top places to work in Canada,” said Stephen Liptrap, President and Chief Executive Officer, Morneau Shepell.

Since Morneau Shepell began the program, the number of organizations recognized as Employee Recommended Workplaces has continued to grow, from 32 in 2017, 53 in 2018, and 75 companies in 2019 representing privately owned, publicly traded, not-for-profit and government. Regular participation is becoming an important tool for organizations to measure and track the impact of HR programs by reviewing where employees have progressed and areas that need improvement. Taken together, this data allows organizations to analyze the impact of employees’ total health on their long-term sustainability and overall success.

For employer participants, the benefits of participation have been positive from strengthening open communication in the workplace, identifying areas where employees need additional support and increasing overall employee engagement. In parallel, more than 25,000 employees have also participated in the survey, bringing them valuable feedback and support recommendations to improve personal health and wellbeing both on and off the job.

Steve Loftus and Randal Phillips

"Our goal here was to validate our health and safety, and mental health initiatives that we have at our company, this gave us a good opportunity to benchmark ourselves against other companies. We’re in a fairly high-stress industry, so we need to ensure that our employees have good strong methods to communicate stress or workplace overload so that we can deal with those issues, but that brought to light the fact that some people are suffering some mental health issues and it allowed us to put in place some corrective actions for those."

Steve Loftus, Innovative Automation Inc., 2018 Winner of Employee Recommended Workplace Award: Privately owned, mid-sized organization. (Pictured above right with Randal Phillips, Executive Vice President and Chief Client Officer, Morneau Shepell)