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Canada’s first online retiree benefits marketplace

In a Morneau Shepell survey of more than 1,000 working Canadians, three-quarters of employees identified declining health as their top non-financial concern in retirement, and two-thirds cited health-related costs as one of their top financial concerns in retirement 1

MyFuture by Morneau Shepell™, Canada’s first online retiree marketplace, was created to help address these concerns by offering health and life insurance benefits, specifically designed for retirees, through leading Canadian insurance carriers, such as Great-West Life, Green Shield Canada, Medavie Blue Cross and Pacific Blue Cross.

MyFuture lets retirees compare insurance products from multiple insurers to find the coverage that best meets their lifestyle and needs. It offers guaranteed acceptance to medical, dental and travel benefits upon enrolment, and is backed by a telephone-accessible team of experts. 

The evolution of retiree benefits

Most organizations today cannot afford to provide the retiree benefit plans they once did. Yet they know their employees will want and need health and life insurance coverage in retirement. MyFuture fits the bill, whether or not you currently offer retiree benefits.

Advantages for employers

  • An easy, modern way to provide insurance products that retirees value
  • Our standard offering comes at no cost to you  
  • Seamless integration of employer funding directly into the marketplace (if applicable)  
  • A fully outsourced solution.  All you need to do is tell us who is retiring, and we take it from there  
  • Trusted technology and administration from Morneau Shepell, Canada’s leading human resources consulting and technology company

​Advantages for retirees

  • Insurance products specifically designed for retirees
  • Choice – retirees can choose the products right for them vs. the pre-defined ‘bundles’ of products often found in the market today
  • Competitive rates, with additional discounts available through an online good health questionnaire or through employer funding 
  • Flexibility − retirees can shop, enrol and make changes online, at any time, from any device
  • Retirees can also periodically change insurance carriers within the same level of coverage, regardless of pre-existing conditions
  • Support − MyFuture guides users through the insurance selection process to recommend coverage that’s right for them
  • MyFuture is also backed by a team of telephone-accessible experts

For the benefit of both employers and retirees, Morneau Shepell also overseas governance of MyFuture, ensuring its long-term sustainability, including advocacy and review of plans and pricing.

1 Morneau Shepell, "Forgotten Decisions: The disconnect between the plan and reality of Canadians regarding health and finances in retirement, ” June 2016. 

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