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Morneau Shepell Partner Bethune Whiston appointed to the Ontario Financial Services Tribunal

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Bethune Whiston

Bethune Whiston, a Partner in Ontario Retirement Solutions and our International Practice, and the Leader of our Consulting Legal team in Toronto, has been appointed to the Ontario Financial Services Tribunal (FST) for an initial three-year term. Bethune was appointed on the recommendation of the Premier of Ontario and with the approval of the Lieutenant Governor.

The FST is an independent, adjudicative body composed of nine to 15 members. The tribunal has exclusive jurisdiction to determine all questions of fact or law that arise in any finance related proceeding before it.

This appointment is a significant accomplishment for Bethune and an endorsement of her pension knowledge and expertise.

Bethune will continue to lead the Toronto Consulting Legal team and provide services to our clients in addition to her responsibilities as a new member of the FST.