Living Well Podcast - Season 1

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Living Well Rewind: Living at Work

As workplaces continue to adapt to a dramatically new reality, employees continue to manage working from home. While many have adjusted, and even prefer it, to others it still feels like they're living at work. We revisit clips of Mark's conversations with Jennifer Fisher, Mary Ann Baynton, Dr. Elia Gourgouris, and Jonny Jacobs to explore issues related to the post-pandemic workplace.

Living Well Rewind: Pandemic Parenting

In late summer, we had a two-part special on parenting through the pandemic. Now, with Halloween approaching, parents are still navigating the challenges of raising kids in an ongoing, and even worsening global pandemic. Mark spoke with four experts and advocates for their perspectives on this. Prolific parenting writer Ann Douglas, mental health advocate and new mom Courtney Taylor, Morneau Shepell psychoeducator Emilie Morasse, and professor of child development Dr. Tonya Bibbs all joined Mark share their thoughts. Here's a bite-sized recap of their conversations.

Living Well Rewind: Emotional Toll of Racism

Back in July, over two special episodes of the Living Well podcast, Mark spoke with four thought leaders about the emotional toll of racism. They touched on topics including activism, workplaces, trauma, and child development. In this condensed clip show, we revisit some of their most profound insights. Marci Ien, David Simmonds, Noi Quao, and Dr. Tonya Bibbs join Mark to talk about racism.

Olympic Resilience (Part II)

Haley Wickenheiser is a four-time Olympic gold medallist, and is widely considered to be the greatest female hockey player of all time. Dr. Greg Wells is a scientist, performance physiologist, and four-time bestselling author. They join Mark to talk about endurance, resilience, and what the average person can learn from the practice and process of elite athletes.

Olympic Resilience - EXTRA - Mark Tewksbury

In this extended bonus content, Mark Henick continues his conversation with Olympic gold medallist Mark Tewksbury.

Olympic Resilience (Part I)

Mark Tewksbury is an Olympic Champion with 7 world records. Scott Hamilton won four consecutive World Championships, and an Olympic gold medal. They joined Mark Henick to talk about their long careers, the impact of the Tokyo 2020 postponement on athletes, and how to be resilient in the water, on the ice, and in life.

Political perspectives on mental health (Part II)

Mark catches up with former Senator Michael Kirby about progress made since his ground-breaking senate report on the state of mental health in Canada. Michael Tibollo, Ontario’s Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, stops by to talk about his special role in advancing the mental health agenda in the provincial government.

Political perspectives on mental health (Part I)

Mark facilitates a conversation between Sir Norman Lamb, chair of the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, and Bob Rae, Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations. They cover the evolution of mental health awareness over the course of their long careers in politics, and what remains to be done on the global stage to improve mental healthcare.

Back to School (Part II)

With kids going back to school, or having already started, a slate of new concerns and anxieties have arisen with respect to ongoing pandemic-related restrictions. Mark talks with teacher and New York Times bestselling author Jessica Lahey about how the new school landscape is impacting parents and teachers. Then, Mark is joined by child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Jon Goldin to talk about the mental health impacts on kids.

Back to School (Part I - Campus)

Normally, starting or returning to post-secondary education is a new phase, filled with promise. These are not normal times. UBC President Dr. Santa Ono joins Mark to talk about how one of North America’s largest universities is handling the extraordinary return this year. Then, Mark talks about the mental health of students with Nate Venema, a Morneau Shepell campus counsellor at Brock University.

Living at Work (Part II)

Mark continues the conversation on workplace mental health with Dr. Elia Gourgouris, #1 Best-selling author of “7 Paths to Lasting Happiness,” about finding happiness at work. Then, Jonny Jacobs joins the conversation to talk about how he infuses his passion for mental health awareness into his career as an accountant, as well as his workplace at Starbucks.

Living at Work (Part I)

Most of us used to spend more waking hours at work than at home. Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, however, the line between the two has been erased. Do we work from home, or do we live at work? Mark discusses with Jen Fisher from Deloitte US and Mary Ann Baynton from Canada Life.

Parenting Through the Pandemic (Part II)

The pandemic has proven to be challenging, emotional, and uncertain for parents. Dr. Tonya Bibbs returns to discuss some of the pressures on kids. Also, Mark talks with Morneau Shepell psychoeducation supervisor Emilie Morasse about supporting parents and their kids though a pandemic.

Parenting through the pandemic (Part I)

The pandemic has proven to be challenging, emotional, and uncertain for parents. Mark talks with bestselling author and parenting expert Ann Douglas about the pressures of pandemic parenting. Also, mental health advocate and new mom Courtney Taylor joins Mark to talk about post-partum in a pandemic.

The emotional toll of Racism (Part II)

The experience of racism can not only be exhausting, but also traumatic in many ways. Mark explores race-based trauma with Noi Quao, Director of Global Critical Incidents for Morneau Shepell. Then, Mark talks with Dr. Tonya Bibbs from the Erikson Institute for Child Development to learn more about how racism is acquired from a young age and how anti-racism can be cultivated in children instead.

The emotional toll of Racism (Part I)

Mark talks with broadcaster Marci Ien about the toll that her advocacy for has had on her well-being, and with McKesson SVP David Simmonds about the manifestation and dismantling of racism in corporate cultures.

Pride in the Pandemic

This past June, Pride Month looked very different than it did in previous years. Unable to celebrate with the same parties and parades for which the month has become known, the LGBTQ+ community was forced to find new avenues for expression. But Pride is much bigger than one quiet year. For a longer view, Mark speaks with Peter Coleridge (former CEO of Prostate Cancer Canada) and Dr. Patrick Smith (CEO of the Centre of Excellence on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) about the evolution of Pride, and about their longtime relationship. 

Mental health, COVID19, and WellCan

Welcome to the Living Well podcast! In this first episode, Mark Henick chats with Morneau Shepell CEO Stephen Liptrap and SVP Research Paula Allen about the many ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our mental health and well-being. They cover the clear need for support as revealed in the data, the surge of internet-based therapy, and the many partners who've come together to support their new WellCan resource hub.