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Introducing Living Well by Mark Henick

Join internationally recognized mental health advocate and top TEDx speaker Mark Henick as he explores the many ways in which our mental health and wellness has been impacted by this new normal. Each week, Mark is joined by a range of experts, notable personalities, and fascinating figures. Together, they have authentic conversations about the physical, mental, and social aspects of living well.

This week's podcast

A Click Away: Making digital healthcare accessible - ft. Jacques Goulet and Cherif Habib

Mark talks with Cherif Habib from Dialogue Technologies and Jacques Goulet from Sun Life Canada about how the tech sector responded so quickly to making healthcare services more accessible to people in the pandemic. They consider the rapid pace of change, the development of the Lumino Health platform, and how digital health landscape has changed so dramatically.

Previous episodes

The Resilient Arts - ft. Jeff King and Suzi Kory

Jeff King joins Mark to talk about what the music industry is doing to support artists during this uncertain time. Then musician Suzi Kory joins from the road to talk about making it as a working musician, and using this time as a creative reset.

Life and Leadership: A Juggling Act - ft. Rhiannon Rosalind

Mark catches up with Rhiannon Rosalind, President and CEO of the Economic Club of Canada. They touch on how corporate environments can better support mental health and well-being, and how she manages both being a mother and an influential corporate leader, all while working from home.

Minds on our Money - ft. Bruce Sellery and Pattie Lovett-Reid

Mark kicks off Season 2 of the Living Well podcast for Morneau Shepell by chatting with Bruce Sellery about financial well-being, and how our spending is changing in this challenging time. Mark also touches base with CTV’s Chief Financial Commentator, Pattie Lovett-Reid, on how the markets are impacting people personally.

Living Well Rewind: Living at Work

As workplaces continue to adapt to a dramatically new reality, employees continue to manage working from home. While many have adjusted, and even prefer it, to others it still feels like they're living at work. We revisit clips of Mark's conversations with Jennifer Fisher, Mary Ann Baynton, Dr. Elia Gourgouris, and Jonny Jacobs to explore issues related to the post-pandemic workplace. 

Living Well Rewind: Pandemic Parenting

In late summer, we had a two-part special on parenting through the pandemic. Now, with Halloween approaching, parents are still navigating the challenges of raising kids in an ongoing, and even worsening global pandemic. Mark spoke with four experts and advocates for their perspectives on this. Prolific parenting writer Ann Douglas, mental health advocate and new mom Courtney Taylor, Morneau Shepell psychoeducator Emilie Morasse, and professor of child development Dr. Tonya Bibbs all joined Mark share their thoughts. Here's a bite-sized recap of their conversations.

Living Well Rewind: Emotional Toll of Racism

Back in July, over two special episodes of the Living Well podcast, Mark spoke with four thought leaders about the emotional toll of racism. They touched on topics including activism, workplaces, trauma, and child development. In this condensed clip show, we revisit some of their most profound insights. Marci Ien, David Simmonds, Noi Quao, and Dr. Tonya Bibbs join Mark to talk about racism.

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