Helping hands

Dec 13, 2013

How you—and your employees—can get the most from your EFAP

CPP expansion may finally get off the back-burner

Dec 12, 2013

When pension experts gather these days, there’s a new sense of hopefulness that Canada’s national pension plan will finally be expanded to help close the gap in retirement savings.

Wrecked @ work

Dec 11, 2013

Curling up at home with drink and pills is a secret many are adept at hiding on the job

Morneau Shepell ranked the fastest growing capital accumulation plan provider by Benefits Canada

Dec 10, 2013

Assets and percentage growth among large-scale plans due in large part to flexible and technology-based solutions

2013 CAP suppliers report - Behind the eight ball

Dec 9, 2013

If plan members aren’t hitting their retirement goals, how can CAP suppliers help them get back in the game?

Expanded CPP gains broad acceptance from employers: Survey

Dec 9, 2013

Having employers, employees contribute 2 per cent of annual pay also popular option

How we might double CPP pensions

Dec 8, 2013

Finance ministers are wondering how best to improve the Canada Pension Plan. A Toronto pension conference heard how it might be done.

Some employers support CPP expansion

Dec 6, 2013

A survey shows that an expanded Canada/Quebec Pension Plan (C/QPP) is considered to be the best way to improve Canada’s retirement income system.

Reforming Canada’s pension system

Dec 3, 2013

Expanding the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) will help address the continuing decline of workplace pensions, said the national president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees.

CPP enhancement would work

Dec 3, 2013

Tax incentives for retirement savings, workplace defined contribution pension plans, private workplace defined benefit plans, and other voluntary saving schemes are not providing Canadians with retirement savings, says Michael Wolfson, Canada...