The worst may be over for DB plans

Jul 26, 2013

Key inflection points in history are seldom appreciated for what they are until considerable time has passed.

Median return barely positive

Jul 26, 2013

Diversified pooled fund managers posted a median return of 0.1 per cent before management fees in the second quarter of 2013, says Morneau Shepell’s ‘Performance Universe of Pension Managers’ Pooled Funds’ for the second quarter of 2013.

Meltdown survivors: three funds that weathered the storm

Jul 25, 2013

Five years after trillions of dollars went up in smoke in the global financial meltdown, money managers are still scratching their heads at the swiftness and extent of the carnage.

Student unions make offers to join health plans

Jul 25, 2013

An offer and counter-offer have been made in the health plan dispute between the Carleton graduate and undergraduate students’ associations.

You’re not as old as you think so stop that retirement talk

Jul 24, 2013

A Sun Life Financial Canada poll in 2012 among those 30 to 65, found just 27% expect to be fully retired at 66. The percentage was down from 51% in 2008.

Setting a new retirement income target—maybe you need to save less than you think

Jul 24, 2013

Setting your savings target is one of the most important yet least understood questions in retirement planning.

Claxton moves to Morneau Shepell

Jul 24, 2013

Hazel Claxton is executive vice-president and chief human resources officer at Morneau Shepell Inc.

Aveos retirees get option to annuities

Jul 22, 2013

Aveos retirees will not be required to purchase an immediate life annuity from an insurer following the wind-up of the retirement plan, says a Morneau Shepell ‘News & Views.

Discount rates decrease again

Jul 19, 2013

The discount rates used for pension plans have decreased for the fourth straight year, says Morneau Shepell’s 13th annual survey on the economic assumptions used by Canadian public companies to account for the costs of their defined benefit plans.

2013 survey on economic assumptions to account for costs of DB pension plans and regulation changes

Jul 18, 2013

These are among the subjects included in the current issue of the Morneau Shepell News & Views, a monthly publication dedicated to providing insights to its clients in Canada.