Some day, the Chief Resiliency Officer may replace the CEO

Apr 24, 2018

The Chronicle Herald: What’s more important to your organization’s long-term success, people or machines?

Morneau Shepell opens up crisis line in wake of Toronto tragedy

Apr 24, 2018

Benefits Canada: In the wake of Monday’s tragedy in Toronto that left 10 people dead and 15 injured, Morneau Shepell Ltd. has opened its crisis support line to anyone affected by the incident.

What to do if your work friends are a bad influence

Apr 18, 2018

The Globe and Mail: How do you reduce your risk of being negatively affected by those who you consider your friends and acquaintances, either in your work or personal life?

How to build AI responsibly in Canada

Apr 18, 2018

Betakit: How can AI benefit us as individuals in our roles as citizens, parents, caregivers, and advocates? How can it support those who are most vulnerable?

Healthy Trucker launches new wellness assistance program

Apr 18, 2018

Truck News: Healthy Trucker, in partnership with Morneau Shepell, will be launching the first assistance program for professional truck drivers called the Healthy Trucker Assistance Program (HTAP).

Why aren’t Canada’s public sector pension plans integrating enhanced CPP?

Apr 17, 2018

Benefits Canada: The first phase in implementing the Canada Pension Plan enhancement is looming large. Employee and employer contribution rates will start to increase in 2019 and keep on rising until 2025.

Why do retirees fear taking CPP late?

Apr 17, 2018

The Globe and Mail: Most retirees say their biggest fear is outliving their money.

A look at one company’s experience with pharmacogenetic testing

Apr 13, 2018

Benefits Canada: Pharmacogenetic testing looks at patients’ genetic makeup to assess how it affects their response to different medications, including how they metabolize them.

Make small changes to improve your health and fitness

Apr 13, 2018

The Globe and Mail: On a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high), how happy are you with your overall physical health?

Psychological safety not yet on the radar of most senior leaders

Apr 10, 2018

The Chronicle Herald: Although it is incredibly important, psychological safety is often not taken as seriously as physical safety in the workplace.