The 2015 workplace mental health priorities report

Read what employers, employees and physician think about mental health in the workplace.

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E.g., Feb 17, 2020

Survey on compensation and trends in human resources

Oct 22, 2018

To support employers in their annual planning for Human Resources, Morneau Shepell conducts an annual Trends in Human Resources Survey to canvass Canadian employers on their priorities for the coming year, and to ask HR leaders about the...

Accurately measuring employee productivity

Oct 18, 2018

Canadian HR Reporter: The Total Health Index scale provides a baseline that can be measured year over year.

Human Resources Trends for 2019

Oct 11, 2018

Our annual Trends in Human Resources survey canvasses Canadian employers on their priorities for the coming year, expected changes in compensation for 2019 and emerging issues that have the potential to impact the workplace.

Understanding engagement scores through the Total Health Index

Sep 12, 2018

Canadian HR Reporter: What does an engagement score tell senior leadership?

Take a psychological perspective when helping employees manage chronic pain

Jul 31, 2018

Benefits Canada: One in every five Canadian suffers from some form of chronic pain, a condition that often — though not always —starts with an injury or illness and lasts more than three months or beyond the normal recovery period.

Assessing managerial effectiveness on the road to total health

Jul 12, 2018

Canadian HR Reporter: How employees perceive their managers is fundamental to workplace wellness.

Building an effective, respectful workplace with the Total Health Index

Jun 15, 2018

Canadian HR Reporter: Workplace scale measures employees’ personal experiences and observations

Unsick days: A kitschy gimmick or a path to a healthier workplace?

May 11, 2018

Benefits Canada: Is it right to take a sick day to visit the doctor for preventative care such as physical exams, teeth cleaning and health screenings? Doing just that is the idea behind the Unsick Day program.

Linking resiliency to health, engagement and productivity

Apr 10, 2018

Canadian HR Reporter: Each of the four pillars of the Total Health Index can impact employee resiliency.

White paper examines how to achieve the behavior change needed to boost productivity

Mar 19, 2018

Global Benefits Vision: Efforts to increase workforce productivity have focused on upgraded technology, process improvement and better governance.