Complexity, customization among key trends as ETFs evolve

Jun 29, 2018

Benefits Canada: Exchange-traded funds have evolved significantly from the days when they were largely index-based products and are now facing a future where they’ll likely be more complex, diverse and subject to endless potential for...

What’s the investment outlook for pension funds in 2018?

Feb 9, 2018

Benefits Canada: what should institutional investors keep in mind as 2018 gets underway?

The rise of the boutique asset manager

Jun 27, 2017

Benefits Canada: Forty years ago, insurance and trust companies dominated the pension investment industry. But by the early 1980s, the landscape began to change as boutique asset managers started to take a growing chunk of the business.

Plan sponsors eager to take risk off the table

Dec 13, 2016

Benefits Canada: How far are Canadian pension plans along on the path to de-risking? And what does the journey look like? Those were among the questions explored in a recent Benefits Canada pulse survey.

Toronto Foundation appoints Morneau Shepell

Oct 5, 2016

Benefits Canada: Toronto Foundation has appointed Morneau Shepell Asset and Risk Management as its portfolio manager.

Morneau Shepell managing Toronto foundation portfolio

Oct 5, 2016

Benefits & Pension Monitor News: Morneau Shepell Asset & Risk Management has been appointed as portfolio manager for the Toronto Foundation – one of Canada's largest charitable foundations...

Is it time for pension funds to rethink their fixed-income allocations?

Jun 21, 2016

Benefits Canada: As interest rates test new lows and liquidity challenges mount, plan sponsors face tough choices around their bond allocations.

With Morneau Shepell, CIO Frishman aims to offer more to F&E's

Mar 31, 2016

In an unconventional investment landscape, Morneau Shepell CIO Zev Frishman has found that a traditional consulting approach has not been working for clients with fewer resources and more spending needs, which is why he has...