Alberta: Updated dental fee guide

Jan 17, 2018

Alberta released in late November 2017 a new dental fee guide effective January 1, 2018, that was developed in collaboration with the ADAC and that recommends lower dental fees than the fee guide released in August 2017.

How to ensure mental health support in the workplace is accessible

Jan 16, 2018

The Globe and Mail: How committed is your organization to reducing mental health injuries or mental health issues in the workplace?

How employees cope more impactful than the stress they’re under: report

Jan 16, 2018

Benefits Canada: How employees react to stress has a bigger impact on total health than the condition itself, according to a new report from Morneau Shepell Ltd.

Annuities, funding policies, variable benefits among changes in new Quebec pension rules

Jan 15, 2018

Benefits Canada: Plan sponsors and administrators finally have guidance on Quebec’s supplemental pension plan legislation, two years after initial amendments on Jan. 1, 2016.

The stress factor and its impact on employees’ mental and physical health

Jan 12, 2018

The purpose of this paper is to introduce established theories that provide insight on how stress, when left alone, can have a negative impact on employees’ mental and physical health.

How to avoid ‘double-bad feelings’ that can derail your goals

Jan 11, 2018

The Globe and Mail: Have you ever noticed the relationship between bad feelings and failing?

Who gets windfall when government picks up young's drug tab?

Jan 6, 2018

Toronto Sun: It’s not clear yet how much employers or insurers will save on prescription costs now that the provincial treasury is picking up the tab for child and youth drugs, the health ministry says.

How to map out your personal game plan for 2018

Jan 3, 2018

The Globe and Mail: What's your personal game plan for this new year?...

Improve workers’ resiliency levels, improve production

Jan 2, 2018

The Chronicle Herald: On a typical day, how focused are you on your employees’ resiliency levels?