Saskatchewan eliminates provincial sales tax on insurance premiums

Mar 12, 2018

The province of Saskatchewan announced that provincial sales tax (PST) no longer applies to insurance premiums.

Tracking the funded status of pension plans as at February 28, 2018

Mar 12, 2018

The evolution of the financial situation of pension plans since December 31, 2017

Impact on pension expense under international accounting as at February 28, 2018

Mar 12, 2018

Every year, companies must establish an expense for their defined benefit pension plans.

Quebec: Adoption of the Act to enhance the Quebec Pension Plan and to amend various retirement-related provisions

Mar 12, 2018

Bill 149, an Act to enhance the Quebec Pension Plan and amend various retirement-related provisions (the “Act”), received assent by the Quebec National Assembly on February 22, 2018.

Dealing with a prickly colleague can be good for your mental health

Mar 5, 2018

The Globe and Mail: Are there people in your life that you'd rather not have to interact with daily or on a regular basis?...

Change can affect employees’ mental health

Feb 28, 2018

The Chronicle Herald: When you hear the term “change management,” what thought comes to mind — positive or negative?

53 companies win Employee Recommended Workplace Award

Feb 26, 2018

The Globe and Mail: Fifty-three organizations across Canada are winners of the second annual 2018 Employee Recommended Workplace Award, highlighting their commitment to their employees' health and wellness...

Don’t forget to keep your brain healthy too

Feb 26, 2018

The Globe and Mail: What do you do daily to promote your brain health?

So you've saved for retirement... now what?

Feb 25, 2018

CBC: Interview with Fred Vettese, actuary and partner with Morneau Shepell, on his new "Retirement Income for Life" book...

Rising drug costs a source of pain? There’s a tiered formulary for that

Feb 21, 2018

Benefits Canada: The rising cost of prescription drugs is becoming a persistent source of pain for many employers.