Preparing to manage impairment in the workplace

Aug 14, 2018

Chronicle Herald: Employers should ensure they know how to handle the possible scenario of worker impariment in the workplace.

What's driving Morneau Shepell's business forward

Aug 13, 2018

BNN Bloomberg: Video interview with Stephen Liptrap, president and CEO of Morneau Shepell.

Why you should hire a mental-health co-ordinator

Aug 10, 2018

Benefits Canada: Discussion on impacts of stress on the workplace

How much money should you have left when you die? Likely less than you think

Aug 9, 2018

Financial Post: How much money should you have left when you die?

Why you need to keep self deception in check

Aug 8, 2018

The Globe and Mail: How familiar are you with the idea of self-deception?

Take a psychological perspective when helping employees manage chronic pain

Jul 31, 2018

Benefits Canada: One in every five Canadian suffers from some form of chronic pain, a condition that often — though not always —starts with an injury or illness and lasts more than three months or beyond the normal recovery period.

Establishing return-from-leave programs key to success

Jul 31, 2018

Chronicle Herald: What percentage of employees in your organization go off on some type of leave every year?

Cannae Holdings, Inc. Announces Sale of Lifeworks Corporation Ltd.

Jul 30, 2018

Business Wire: Cannae Holdings, Inc. today announced the close of the sale of Lifeworks Corporation Ltd. to Morneau Shepell Inc. for $325 million payable in a combination of cash and Morneau Shepell shares.

Kids of Kakuma

Jul 25, 2018

Morneau Shepell funds the boarding school Morneau Shepell Secondary School for Girls