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International Pension Regulatory Services

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As the largest pension regulatory practice in Canada, Morneau Shepell has an exceptional reputation and expertise to provide best practice guidance.

Our focus is on servicing government ministries, regulators, and public sector entities. We offer independent advice without any private sector conflicts. We act as a conduit for the sharing of ideas and approaches and facilitate collaboration amongst pension and insurance regulatory bodies throughout the Caribbean, Central America, and North and South America. 

Morneau Shepell’s multidisciplinary team of actuaries, lawyers, and asset consultants work with governments and regulators in the Caribbean, Central America, and North and South America on the supervision and regulation of public sector pension funds, life insurance companies, social security plans, and national health care scheme.

Insurance and pension expertise

Our services include:

  • Drafting insurance and pension legislation for governments
  • Designing and valuating pension plans and social security schemes
  • Developing robust pension governance regulatory models
  • Developing investment policies and procedures for pension funds
  • Developing risk-based regulatory frameworks and procedures for regulators
  • Providing due diligence for insurance companies in financial distress
  • Providing advice to regulators on pension plans of insolvent companies
  • Reviewing actuarial valuations on behalf of insurance and pension regulators
  • Providing on-site inspections of insurance companies for regulators
  • Conducting forensic reviews of pension funds for regulators
  • Designing and pricing health care plans
  • Reviewing health financing arrangements
  • Rate-setting of premiums for government-sponsored programs

International experience

Morneau Shepell has a breadth and depth of international work experience as highlighted in our recent work in the Caribbean, Central America, and North and South America, including:

  • developing  pension legislation, risk-based regulatory frameworks and procedures for countries such as Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Suriname;
  • assisting life insurance regulators in building a robust regulatory environment through actuarial reviews of life insurance companies as going concerns, in liquidation or through mergers and acquisitions, development of legislation and industry guidelines for Bahamas, Belize, Grenada, and Turks and Caicos Islands;
  • determining the viability and sustainability of public sector pension and social security schemes for Bermuda that help inform public policy decisions;
  • pricing and designing the national health care scheme in Bermuda and determining the premium rate for health insurance in the Cayman Islands; and
  • creating and promoting the Caribbean Association of Pension Supervisors whose mission is to facilitate the efficient and effective collaboration amongst pension regulatory bodies throughout the Atlantic and Caribbean regions.

Recognition: Al Kiel receives award for Global Fiduciary Education and Fiscal Responsibility

Contact us to request a copy of the following presentations:

  • A. Kiel & A. Zur, The Role of the Regulator in dealing with Bankrupt or Insolvent Companies, Caribbean Association of Pension Supervisors 3rd Annual Conference, Grenada, May 23, 2013 [PowerPoint]
  • T. Modi & A. Bacchas, Best Practices: Governance, Caribbean Association of Pension Supervisors 3rd Annual Conference, Grenada, May 23, 2013 [PowerPoint]

Contact us to discuss how our experienced team of international experts can assist you.

Al Kiel,, 416.383.6449

Marcia Tam-Marks,, 647.287.2850