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Why consumers and workers need to understand the effects of cannabis

In a few days there will be another legal recreational drug available for Canadians of legal age to indulge in. Canada will be the first industrialized country in the world to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Whether you’re currently a user of cannabis or a potential user, you likely have a point of view on this topic. Cannabis is not a new drug. In fact, it’s been legal in Canada for medical use for several years. As well, there’s been a thriving underground economy selling cannabis illegally for many years. What’s new besides cannabis being legal is the hype and focus on this drug. About 18 per cent of the adult Canadian population has reported using cannabis in the past 12 months, according to data firm Statista, compared to 70 per cent who have had at least one drink of alcohol. Where do you think the cannabis usage figure will be in 12 months?

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Article by Bill Howatt, chief research and development officer of work force productivity with Morneau Shepell.