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Pension and Benefit Reference: New edition covers new topics

The Morneau Shepell Handbook of Canadian Pension and Benefit Plans, which was honoured as a Globe & Mail 2012 Business Book Bestseller, has now been published in its 15th Edition.

The Handbook was last published in 2008, so the new Edition brings significant revisions, with the addition of over 100 pages. This new edition not only updates legislation and case law, but explains emerging trends and brand new material, such as:

  • New types of plans (including target benefit plans, shared risk plans and PRPPs);
  • Plan conversion and wind up;
  • Prescription drug cost management;
  • Workplace health management; and
  • Employee assistance programs.

Another invaluable resource for pension plan sponsors and administrators, namely the Morneau Shepell Summary of Pension Legislation in Canada, was also just published in December 2012, for the first time since 2003 in hard copy form. The last nine years have produced numerous rule changes in all jurisdictions, and the new edition even highlights proposed reform that is still being debated. Thankfully, the electronic version of this summary is updated three times a year.

A new useful feature of the new Handbook is the addition of references to the Summary of Pension Legislation, which should help readers keep track of many important rules.

We hope these new reference materials will help our clients understand better the ever changing world of Canadian pension and benefit plans and other workplace practices and, more importantly, guide them in adapting their plans to help attract and retain key talent, especially as a labour shortage may be looming.

Morneau Shepell Handbook of Canadian Pension and Benefit Plans,15th edition