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InfluenceCare offers recovery support

Morneau Shepell Inc. has launched InfluenceCare, a program built to deliver recovery support at the earliest time using evidence-based diagnoses of mental health conditions, assessments of musculoskeletal conditions, treatment recommendations, and immediate access to resources to accelerate an employee's return-to-work. It addresses the two most common drivers of absenteeism in the workplace – mental health and musculoskeletal diagnoses, says Paula Little, vice-president, operations, absence management solutions at Morneau Shepell. "Factors such as misdiagnosis, mistreatment, and delays in accessing specialists make these diagnoses particularly challenging for the employee and often delay an early and healthy return to work. Employees need a holistic approach combining early risk identification, access to specialists including psychiatrists to ensure proper diagnosis and effective medication, and a treatment plan that includes counseling,” she says. It works by providing both screening and assessing tools and recovery support resources while using monitoring tools to determine the ideal return to work plan. (End of Article)

Source: Benefits and Pensions Monitor News