How to bring mental health into the boardroom

According to a report from Morneau Shepell, 31% of employees suffer from depression, with a further 28% calming to have anxiety. Whilst dealing with mental health has always been at the heart of HR’s people strategy, it’s rarely discussed at length at C-Suite level. Securing Board buy-in for mental health initiatives can seem like pulling teeth sometimes – and yet, one CEO is determined to showcase his dedication to the cause. Speaking to Stephen Liptrap, CEO and president of Morneau Shepell, his enthusiasm for change rang out.  “It’s essential that organizations do all they can to remove the stigma,” he told us. “I always use the example that if someone walks into an office with a broken leg, we all know what to do, what to say and how to act. But when someone walks into a room who has a mental health issue – many of us panic and leave them alone, which is not necessarily the right response.”

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