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Employers turn to online therapy programs to boost worker productivity

… Canada’s largest EAP provider, Morneau Shepell, offers several forms of online counselling: video sessions with a therapist, a web-based CBT program and text-based group therapy. The CBT program launched in June and is gaining traction with employers, said the company’s vice-president of research and integrative solutions, Paula Allen. “The research says that when it’s delivered online, it is as – or sometimes more – effective [than in person],” Ms. Allen said. CBT, which focuses on changing patterns and developing coping tools, typically requires numerous visits when sought in person. Morneau Shepell’s online program involves self-guided assessments, exercises and reading assignments that are completed by the client. Ms. Allen notes that online CBT isn’t right for everyone – including people with literacy issues, discomfort with technology or problems focusing. She also cautions that, as with in-person forms of therapy, not all programs are created equal. “It’s important to make sure it is a high-quality CBT program,” she said.

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