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Developing effective cannabis policies

The legalization of cannabis is slated to take effect in Canada this summer — a development that many in America consider “progressive.” That assessment is not surprising given that, in much of the United States, employers can declare themselves “drug-free,” require that all employees undergo drug testing, and fire anyone who fails the test. The legalization of marijuana in the U.S., however, is handled on a state-by-state basis and there is movement in some jurisdictions to adopt a more disability-minded approach. These changes are partly prompted by recent court decisions in three different states with legalized cannabis that have applied a “disability” lens to medicinal cannabis questions. Employers south of the border will be looking to Canada to see how they prepare for the possibility of cannabis in the workplace, whether for medical or recreational use.

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Article by Jennifer Fodden, senior manager of the workplace support program with Morneau Shepell, and Pam Powell, director of U.S. drug testing with Morneau Shepell.