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The Cost (and How to Counter) the Stress of 24/7/365

In their 2014 national mental health survey, Morneau Shepell confirmed the prevalence of stress and mental health issues in the workplace. Key findings revealed that 33 per cent of working Canadians are now suffering or have suffered from a mental health condition such as depression or an anxiety disorder. Additionally, 27 per cent of employees reported experiencing significant symptoms of stress. When Attitude and Perception Matter.
In a January 2018 article, “The Stress Factor and its Impact on Employees’ Mental and Physical Health,” Morneau Shepell’s researcher Dr. Bill Howatt, PhD, EdD confirms that the greater source of stress among employees is the result of too many work-related hours and demands. He also explains that attitude and ability to take responsibility in responding to challenging events greatly affect the extent to which one is affected physically and mentally.

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