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Optimizing your disability management strategy

InfluenceCare™ is an innovative new program that improves the effectiveness of disability management for employers and employees alike.

It combines best-in-class technology and clinical expertise, targeting the most common causes of absenteeism in order to accelerate employee treatment, shorten return-to-work timeframes and reduce the overall cost of absenteeism.

Features include:

  • Proactive screening for mental health and musculoskeletal conditions (common occupational issues like muscular, ligament or tendon pain)
  • Identification and management of work-related barriers that may cause or contribute to these conditions
  • Streamlined assessment and recovery support
  • Detailed reporting for case managers and health practitioners

How it works:

  • Once a short-term disability case is opened, the employee undergoes screening for the following common risks: mental health issues, work-related barriers, or musculoskeletal conditions (carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, back pain, etc.).  This assessment identifies levels of risk and triages employees into further intervention categories.
  • Within days, at-risk employees are assessed by an expert (psychiatrist and/or an occupational health physician).  The employee's case worker and family doctor receive a report that includes medication recommendations, treatment recommendations and follow-up suggestions.
  • Access to additional treatment resources like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) counseling or online tools are also available. 
  • When helpful, InfluenceCare™ uses pharmacogenetic testing to identify which medications and/or dosages best suit the employee based on their metabolism and genetic makeup.

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