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You wear many hats. Let us wear the HR hat. Get on-demand HR advice and tools that make it easy to understand and deal with legislation and policy, employee performance, compensation, and health and safety.

How HR Support Solutions helps your business

How HR Support Solutions helps your business

HR advice and tools to help you

HR advice and tools to help you

Making it easy to get the HR answers you need

For over 50 years, our experts have been reducing risk and containing costs for businesses across all industries. Our solutions are flexible and always there when needed to help manage simple to complex HR concerns for better business results.

How it works

  1. You have an HR issue, question, or are in need of professional HR assistance.
  2. You contact our Care Access Centre where an HR expert will provide advice and legal expertise.  
  3. You understand how to navigate the situation with confidence and have protected your business from risk!

Start protecting your business and bottom line today!

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