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HR Support Solutions

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HR Support Solutions is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that do not have dedicated HR professionals on staff that understand and manage human resources aspects of business and associated legal implications.

We can help your business steer clear of employment pitfalls and expensive litigation with on-demand access to trusted human resource and legal professionals.

From how to handle inappropriate workplace conduct, employee performance issues or policy development, HR Support Solutions provides this specialized knowledge on- demand, allowing businesses to immediately address priority concerns, confidently manage complex HR processes, and make the right decisions for their business.

Benefits of HR Support Solutions

  • Reduced liability risk when your business takes advantage of expect advice surrounding termination, restructuring, human rights, and more
  • Reduced operational costs by using an on-demand solutions versus hiring in-house HR and related legal experts
  • Flexibility to use as much or as little of the service as needed by your business

Features of HR Support Solutions

  • On-demand access to HR professionals
  • Professionals hold Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation with minimum of 10 years of HR in all areas
  • Real-time advisory support by phone or email, on range of HR related topics including health and safety, compensation, performance management, terminations, and much more
  • Comprehensive HR templates such as employment contracts, termination meeting checklist, and more
  • Complete Legal Primer that provides valuable knowledge on everything from employee termination and pay equity to Worker's Compensation and Human Rights

Business results without risk

Ensure the performance of your business remains strong with expert HR and legal advice when you need it.

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