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Global Employee Assistance Programs

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Morneau Shepell is one of the largest Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers worldwide, supporting employees and their families so that they can manage work, health and life challenges. All support services are accessed voluntarily by the individual and are strictly confidential.

Anytime, anywhere, any way

Our approach is focused on innovation and client service excellence.

We listen and innovate to help people at their convenience

We are the only provider that has developed a broad range of clinically-sound digital delivery channels including video counselling and an international award winning app – My EAP. This means that your people can access the help they need anytime, anywhere and any way.

Professional support—access, delivery, network

  • Access and service delivery: Anytime, anywhere, any way. We are leaders in providing accessible professional support and service delivery through digital channels, helping our clients where they are—offline, online, or on-the-go.
  • Experience and size of our networks: We have counsellors and experts around the world; we offer the highest quality of service by hiring and retaining more counsellors. Professionals in our network have a Master degree or a PhD in the fields of psychology, clinical social work, or educational psychology.

Breadth of EAP services

  • Family, financial, career, and legal issues
  • Critical incidence and mental health
  • Health coaching, nutrition support, and naturopathic advice
  • Developing effective work habits
  • Specific challenges as people leaders
  • Cultural and emotional challenges faced by expatriates and families on assignment

Global EAP

We provide confidential counselling and support that promotes the psychological health and wellbeing of your workforce worldwide.

Our services include regional and local support and incorporate cultural sensitivity and flexibility in implementing EAP delivery including targeted communications, detailed reporting and referrals.

Expatriate EAP

We provide confidential counselling and support that promotes the psychological health and wellbeing of your employees working abroad.

Our worldwide network of professionals possesses expertise in cross-cultural dimensions and understands the unique challenges faced by Expatriates. We provide support services in over 200 languages and offer face-to-face, telephonic, e-counselling and video counselling worldwide.

Cross Cultural Learning

Morneau Shepell provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to support domestic workforces, expatriate employees and their families; as well as, Global managers, short-term business travelers, and groups that require assistance in working across cultural borders.

Unique to the industry, we offer a holistic approach through our clinical and training-based services, these include:

  • Selection and preparation services (clinical)
  • Cross cultural training and coaching
  • Destination services
  • Repatriation services
  • Group business training sessions
  • Online assessment tool and resources

International accreditation and awards

  • International accreditation by the Council on Accreditation (COA): For us, COA accreditation is a strategic business decision representing integrity and industry leadership. We participate in a rigorous process that measures against exacting standards based on clinical and operational best practices.
  • Contact centre excellence for our EAP Care Access Centres
  • Innovative practices for our My EAP app

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