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Executive Compensation

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Morneau Shepell is ready to assist your organization in realizing all of your immediate and future compensation requirements.  We provide independent, insightful and practical Executive Compensation services suited to your specific needs while working with your Board and/or Management. We wish to develop a long-term partnership with you to provide targeted services that fit or perhaps larger integrated solutions if this is your objective. Our success revolves around delivering outstanding client service regardless of project size by having a team of consultants with decades of local and international executive compensation advisory experience. Our natural ability to employ an array of methods and utilize various market information sources gives us an edge in delivering the most effective outcomes for every engagement. Above all, we listen very closely to our clients and thoughtfully respond to what we hear.

Achieve Business Strategy by Optimizing Executive Compensation

By assessing the balance between:

  • Objectives and various forms of rewards received by each executive
  • Fixed, variable and noncash (pensions, benefits, perquisites, etc.) compensation
  • Cash and various forms of share-based remuneration
  • Defensible and relevant employment/change of control agreements

Attract, Retain and Motivate Talent

By ensuring that the value of the Total Remuneration package is:

  • Market competitive (we can compare the value of the entire package to market practice, including long-term incentives, pensions, benefits, perquisites, etc.)
  • Tax effective (for both the company and the executive)
  • A proper balance between risk and reward
  • Consistent with the culture and management style of the organization

Pay for Performance

The design of an annual bonus or long-term incentive (e.g. stock options, restricted shares/units, performance shares/units or cash) should:

  • Link rewards to corporate objectives, key performance indicators and stakeholder value
  • Use sensible and defensible standards of performance to establish compensation levels
  • Meet emerging corporate governance regulations and guidelines
  • Consider tax and accounting implications

Executive Compensation Services

  • Board and Compensation Committee advisory services
  • Compensation philosophy and principles
  • Market pricing and competitive pay benchmarking
  • Short- and long-term incentive plans
  • Supplemental executive retirement plans and benefits
  • CD&A and proxy disclosure
  • Executive employment, severance and change of control agreements
  • Special situations (i.e. M&A, executive succession, IPOs, etc.)
  • Board of directors compensation plan review and design
  • Education and training services
  • Governance best practices
  • Executive pay-for-performance analysis
  • International operations
  • Total compensation statements