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Employee Self-Service

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Morneau Shepell maximizes the use of technology to drive awareness and engagement in benefit, pension, wellness, and other workplace programs. We were one of the first to launch employee self-service in Canada, and we continue to innovate, leveraging the expertise of our entire organization, to develop leading edge decision support, transactional, and mobile technologies.

Integrated Portal

Our Integrated Portal is a one-stop shop providing access to tools, information, and resources supporting workplace programs. The portal reflects deep insights gained through research with employers and employees—we listened to needs and desires; and it supports the need for tools that are current, easy to use, and efficient.

Mobile technologies

We were the first to launch our innovative mobile application MyEAP - enabling access and delivery of support for employees in need, and our My Plans iPhone app is the first to bring together benefit program information, coverage, and enrollment facilitation for mobile.

Our innovative communication and education campaigns leverage gamification and device-independent strategies to provide employees on-the-go with access, when and how they want it, and better engage employees in their programs.

Integrative approach

Our digital strategy integrates tools and resources to better address the core needs of your employees, maximizing the total health of the individual. Some highlights are:

Dashboard tools

  • Providing integrated enrollment across all programs (pensions and savings) through a simple, easy-to-navigate process;
  • Integrated total rewards communications; and
  • Organization of information based on relevance to the employee.

Financial security and retirement

  • Defined contribution/savings account management;
  • Pension projection and integrated retirement planning tools;
  • Insurance decision support;
  • Financial health intervention tools;
  • Plan design information; and
  • Financial wellness education resources (articles, videos, etc.).

Health and wellness

  • Health and dental plan enrolment and decision support;
  • Health assessments, health challenges, social components, trackers, points/incentives, and other engagement tools;
  • Integration of device-based trackers for health coaching and self-directed health intervention tools; and
  • Articles and videos supporting key mental and physical wellness issues.

Career and workplace

  • Tools and resources to assist employees in dealing with problems in the workplace; and
  • Interactive tools (case reporting, case status review, and return-to-work stages) for people leaders to better aid in their part of occupational and non-occupation absence and disability issues.

Life events

Real-time delivery of information, resources, and action items across all employee programs, organized around an important event in the employee’s work or personal life—changes in job, work status, marriage, having a child, etc., to ensure employees are supported during these key changes in life circumstance.

Delivering better outcomes

Getting the employee experience right brings important benefits to any organization:

  • Maximizing awareness by organizing information and resources based on the issues and themes that matter most to employees;
  • Optimizing employee engagement by connecting employees to all of your programs in their time of need; and
  • Empowering employees to make the right decisions about the things that will ensure their long-term health and financial wellbeing.

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