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Children's Support Solutions

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Morneau Shepell’s Children's Support Solutions helps children reach their full potential by providing accessible and trusted professional support for children who experience difficultly in development. We work in collaboration with families, childcare centres, preschools, daycare providers, and private and public schools. We listen to help identify individual issues and focus on facilitating development, and social and academic growth.

Our inter-professional team and services

We offer a wide range of services for children with differences and their families; including, screenings, assessments, and interventions. Our inter-professional therapy team provides services that address communication, behaviour, social, motor skills, sensory processing and academic skills. Our team across Canada includes experts in development, behaviour and education who are dedicated to helping children with differences reach their potential.

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Services for your family

Your child and family can receive care in a variety of ways

  • 1:1 therapy and education
    Our 1:1 therapy and learning services are tailored to meet the needs of each client and the family’s goals. Your child can participate in therapy at one of our clinics, at school or online.
  • At school
    We work with families, private, independent and public schools, and childcare centres to provide quick and efficient interventions focus on improving the child’s access to the curriculum. Our interventions address communication, behaviour, social, motor skills, sensory processing and academic skills.

Additional services in Ontario:

  • Small groups
    Often times children benefit from practicing the skills they’ve learned through 1 to 1 therapy in a group environment. We offer several small group programs to help children practice skills such as: communication, behaviour, social or motor.
  • Camps and clubs
    Our camp and enrichment programs are fun, affordable, and convenient for busy families. With experienced and high energy team members and exciting themes your child will make friends and memories.
  • WeeHands baby sign language
    WeeHands is a children’s sign language program that teaches you to sign with your child and to encourage language development.

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