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Broad-based Compensation

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Our Broad–based Compensation services help you answer the following questions:

  • How does your compensation program compare to that of competitors and other companies in your industry?
  • Is your salary policy aligned with best practices in internal pay equity?
  • Does your annual variable compensation policy adequately recognize employee contributions to your organization’s success?
  • Does your total compensation policy meet legal pay equity requirements?

Our consultants pay close attention to your needs so they can help you make informed decisions about compensation packages and management tools.

Job Evaluation and Classification

  • Designing and implementing job evaluation methods, compensation plans that are custom designed for your organization, and providing you with tools to maintain internal equity, comply with pay equity legislation, and control unnecessary wage inflation.

Cash compensation benchmarking

  • Evaluating market indicators using our databank of national surveys according to your organization’s activity, industry and size, and providing customized compensation surveys to give you the necessary independent compensation advice you need.

Salary policies

  • Assisting with implementing salary policies and developing tools for managing salary progression; calculating salary structures for optimum internal equity, competitiveness, and your organization’s ability to adapt to market trends.

Variable compensation programs

  • Designing variable annual compensation programs and assisting with their implementation. We will ensure that your performance management approach follows best practices and will provide you with easy-to-use tools to administer your program within an agreed-upon envelope.

Additional Broad-Based Compensation services:

  • Compensation philosophy and principles
  • Custom & in-depth market benchmarking
  • Performance-based compensation plans
  • Pay equity review & compliance
  • Competency-based plans
  • Sales incentive & commission programs
  • Total compensation statements
  • Job evaluation & pay administration
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • International operations
  • Employee communications & support
  • Day-to-day service