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Actuarial Services

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Morneau Shepell brings almost 50 years of experience and thought leadership to actuarial consulting. Our experts provide comprehensive support for all types of defined benefit plans including pension plans, target benefit plans, group benefit plans, and health and welfare trusts.

We help plan sponsors with your funding, solvency, and accounting valuation needs; our experts keep current in today’s changing pension landscape of new requirements, risks, and fiduciary responsibilities. We listen and work with you to ensure that your plans are:

  • Compliant with the ever-changing pension rules and standards
  • Funded in-line with your tolerance for risk
  • Aligned with your hiring and employee retention objectives

Pension services

Our dedicated team of over 100 actuaries is supported by our highly qualified legal, tax, investment, administrative, communication, and retirement planning experts, who are skilled in the following:

Plan design

  • We review your plan design, listening to you and helping with objectives and in connection to constraints and then make recommendations that cover changes to existing benefit structures and de-risking strategies.
  • We help you, as a plan sponsor, harmonize and simplify existing plans and conduct relevant comparator design benchmarking and prevalence studies.
  • We are also experts in the design of multi-employer pension plans, jointly sponsored pension plans, shared risk plans, and other specialized structures, and target benefit plans.

Risk management

We use a variety of proprietary tools to help plan sponsors, pension committees, and trustees assess the level and magnitude of risks inherent in their plans. Our dedicated risk management team of experts provides strategic consulting advice to plans designed to quantify and manage these risks in order to improve the likelihood of achieving plan goals both in the short and long term.

Longevity implications

The life expectancy of defined benefit plan members has a major impact on funding assumptions, benefit obligations, and costs. Morneau Shepell helps sponsors review and establish appropriate assumptions on longevity to be used for actuarial valuations and develop strategies to better manage costs and risk.

Investment strategy

Strategies for investing plan assets are another aspect of how we help you, as a plan sponsor, manage the overall risk of your pension plan. Our dedicated investment consultants:

  • Obtain required education to identify key sources of risk that affect the plans
  • Implement strategies to minimize this risk within the context of the overall plan objectives
  • Identify opportunities for enhanced returns by improving diversification of the plan asset classes
  • Introduce new asset classes that will improve the overall portfolio risk/reward profile
  • Advance the governance process by keeping investment policies up to most recent standards
  • Monitor the overall process to ensure the long-term strategic plan is unfolding as desired

Thought leadership

Morneau Shepell actuaries are actively involved in advising pension authorities, sitting on pension boards, participating in industry committees, speaking at industry conferences, and writing articles and newsletters. We keep our clients informed through a wide array of publications and seminars as well as authorship of the Morneau Shepell Handbook of Canadian Pension and Benefit Plans.

Morneau Shepell Handbook of Canadian Pension and Benefit Plans

Contact us to find out how partnering with us will help you to address your pension challenges

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