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What is Abiliti?

A state-of-the-art integrated software solution that supports attendance, disability, and workplace incident, injury, and illness management.

Abiliti enhances the overall experience for all your stakeholders and enables you to get the most from your absence management programs by:

  • Vastly improving the administration of all absence programs by making it easier to manage all absences under one system
  • Having automated workflows to reduce administration.  Allowing you to focus on what matters- supporting your people
  • Simplifying access for employees and people leaders for an easy and intuitive experience
  • Creating a global leading case management program for case managers to govern all absence programs
  • Integrating all data into one platform for more meaningful insights and to help guide your program strategies

Abiliti is the most effective software for managing absence, it is the only software that offers a fully integrated attendance, disability management, and workplace incident, injury, and illness management solution- in an intuitive and visually appealing package, offering a better and more updated user experience.

Abiliti is available as a SaaS, a co-sourced service, or as part of the award-winning Morneau Shepell Absence Management Solution.

Introducing Abiliti (PDF)





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