Why every organization should have a mental health strategy

May 5, 2017

The Globe and Mail: Every organization should have a workplace mental health strategy. The case is clear and compelling.

When mental health and addiction collide

May 3, 2017

the Globe and Mail: Which comes first, a mental health issue or an addiction?

Calling in sad

May 2, 2017

United Church Observer: On any given week, half a million Canadians miss work due to a mental health problem. Employers are failing to offer the support they need.

Working past 65? Beware this Canada Pension Plan oddity

Apr 27, 2017

The Globe and Mail: The government works in mysterious ways. The intent behind some of their pension rules is mystifying at best and counterproductive at worst.

How to tell your employer about your mental health issue

Apr 27, 2017

The Globe and Mail: If you were worried about your mental health at work and felt it was impacting your effectiveness, what would you do?

Are you calling in sick because of your mental health?

Apr 19, 2017

The Globe and Mail: Have you ever felt you’re having a difficult time going to work due to your mental health?

Decrease in premium tax delayed

Apr 13, 2017

Benefits and Pension Monitor News: The Quebec government has delayed, by five years, the decrease in the compensation tax on insurance premiums, thereby depriving plan sponsors of an expected reduction of 0.18 per cent in this tax.

How a workplace accommodation works

Apr 12, 2017

The Globe and Mail: What are your rights as an employee with a mental health issue in the workplace?

How to maximize your employee’s professional development

Apr 10, 2017

The Globe and Mail: How do you go about approving and following up on employees’ training, coaching and development opportunities?

How talk therapy can improve your mental health

Apr 6, 2017

The Globe and Mail: A growing body of research suggests that talk therapy is an excellent front-line treatment, particularly for the two most costly categories of mental illnesses in Canada, anxiety and depression.