Managing ‘cognitive hygiene’ to alleviate employee mental health issues and improve business performance

Aug 21, 2017

This white paper explores the concept of “cognitive hygiene” and how coping skills and resiliency are significant in predicting health outcomes and employees’ engagement levels.

Présentéisme au travail : comment y faire face ?

Aug 17, 2017

Journal de Montréal : Si un salarié absent est assez facile à repérer, et à comptabiliser, un salarié qui verse dans le présentéisme l’est beaucoup moins. Comment s’en protéger ?

Tips to gain control of your daily decisions

Aug 17, 2017

The Globe and Mail: How much do you feel in control of your daily outcomes?

How can I stop my new manager from pushing me out?

Aug 12, 2017

The Globe and Mail: Bill Howatt, chief research and development officer of work force productivity with Morneau Shepell, provides his input to the question.

Letter of credit limits for federally regulated DB plans: Increase now in force

Aug 11, 2017

Further to the release of draft regulations on April 29, 2017, the Federal government has adopted regulations to amend the Pension Benefits Standards Regulations 1985 (the “PBSR”), to change the maximum amount of a letter of credit for a federally...

Quebec: Regulation on funding policies and annuity purchases

Aug 11, 2017

A draft regulation to amend the Supplemental Pension Plans (SPP) Regulation was published on July 12, 2017 in the Gazette officielle du Québec.

Tracking the funded status of pension plans as at July 31, 2017

Aug 11, 2017

The evolution of the financial situation of pension plans since December 31, 2016

Impact on pension expense under international accounting as at July 31, 2017

Aug 11, 2017

Every year, companies must establish an expense for their defined benefit pension plans.

Quebec: Amendments to the funding of municipal and university pension plans

Aug 11, 2017

A draft regulation to amend the Regulation respecting the funding of pension plans of the municipal and university sectors was published on August 2, 2017 in the Gazette officielle du Québec.

2017 Survey: Economic assumptions for accounting

Aug 11, 2017

Morneau Shepell issued its 17th annual survey on the economic assumptions used by Canadian public companies to account for the costs of their defined benefit plans. The data was gathered from audited financial statements as at December 31, 2016.