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  • Measuring the bottom‐line impact of mental health

    Assessing your company’s situation and taking action can pay dividends in the form of higher employee engagement, mitigation of risk and operational efficiency, all of which contribute to improving ROI.
  • Target benefit plans - Game-changer...?

    In our last Vision, we started a comparison of Defined Contribution (DC) plans versus Target Benefit Plans (TBPs).
  • Optimizing productivity in a stressful age

    Remarks by Bill Morneau, Executive Chairman, Morneau Shepell to the HR Summit, December 10, 2013

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E.g., Jul 29, 2014
E.g., Jul 29, 2014

Annuities vs RRIFs: six questions answered

Jul 25, 2014

Nothing provokes some investors so much as a kind word for annuities.

2014 second quarter results for Performance Universe of pension managers’ pooled funds

Jul 23, 2014

Diversified pooled fund managers posted a positive median return of 2.9% (before management fees) for the second quarter of 2014.

Managers’ returns similar to benchmark

Jul 23, 2014

Diversified pooled fund managers had a performance similar to the benchmark during the second quarter.

Pension Funds In Positive Territory

Jul 23, 2014

Diversified pooled fund managers posted a median return of 2.9 per cent before management fees, says Morneau Shepell’s ‘Performance Universe of Pension Managers' Pooled Funds’ for the second quarter of 2014...

Why employers need an option beyond the defined contribution pension plan

Jul 22, 2014

The pension landscape needs innovative ideas. Pension coverage and adequacy are tough issues facing Canadians, and the current defined-benefit and defined-contribution models do not fully fit the bill.

Financial literacy for seniors

Jul 22, 2014

The Federal Government has released a consultation document that outlines four goals geared at improving the financial literacy of seniors, and those approaching that stage in life.

The good news about the 4% withdrawal rule is that it might be too low

Jul 22, 2014

If you plan to rely heavily on your savings in retirement, nothing is as important as determining how much you can safely withdraw each year.

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) - update

Jul 22, 2014

The Government of Canada announced on February 5, 2014, that Canada and the United States signed an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) related to FATCA.

Tracking the funded status of pension plans as at June 30, 2014

Jul 22, 2014

The evolution of the financial situation of pension plans since December 31, 2013

Ontario budget reintroduces ORPP and clarifications to pension rules - update

Jul 22, 2014

Following the recent re-election of Ontario’s Premier Kathleen Wynne, she reaffirmed her commitment to the previously announced Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP) and appointed Mitzie Hunter as Associate Minister of Finance for the ORPP.