Workplace Generations: At work, drop the word ‘millennial,’ and ditch the job title too

It seems there are many no-no’s when it comes to talking about millennials and baby boomers at work. Specialists in workplace trends even suggest dropping the overused “millennial” label, in particular, from the discussion altogether. And while we’re at it, they suggest dropping job titles too, or at least refrain from overemphasizing job titles on résumés, since many of those titles belie how rapidly job roles and functions are changing. That was the broad message from two recent panel discussions, one on millennials, one on boomers, held during the The Globe and Mail’s Human Resources summit: Solving Workplace Challenges in the Modern Economy, where the 2017 Employee Recommended Workplace Awards, which recognizes companies that put the health and wellness of their employees first, were presented. The award was co-created by The Globe and human resources consulting firm Morneau Shepell.

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