What will you do well at work today?

What’s one thing I want to ensure I do well today? Sounds like an easy question, but it’s one that many of us simply don’t answer. We wake up and get on the treadmill of life that shapes our day. The demands of life and work influence decisions and actions that often result in changes to plans and priorities. This can leave us feeling fatigued and not quite sure what we accomplished, other than having survived the day. If this sounds familiar, this microskill may be of interest to you. It’s based on the concept that less is more. The intention is to focus on one thing you want to ensure gets completed well each day. This might be spending quality time with your partner, eating dinner with family, having a good day at work, solving a conflict with a peer or completing a work task. The key is for the activity to have a clear beginning, middle and end, and be able to be completed in one day.

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Article by Bill Howatt, chief research and development officer of work force productivity with Morneau Shepell.